guccimanemixtape Dash why did you @ me………when you know good and well that yo uknow me

I’m losing my touch I need to be meaner

Jusin and Dash both called me an idiot in the same day I’m gonna cry

Catfish have really good ears

I’m gonna punch you so hard you’re gonna land in America

Anyone who is ever mean to me will be kicked in the leg

they ride horses i’ll hear them

There will be a distraction and you won’t be able to

They ride horses I have time

Not if you don’t hear them

guccimanemixtape Dash they are coming for you

guccimanemixtape Dash they are coming for you

I’m about to call the FBI on his ass

It’s to early for this bullshit

I shaved and showered I feel brand spankin new

guccimanemixtape replied to your post: guccimanemixtape replied to your post:…

carlos is an idiot he got a job who does that

I got a job does that make me an idiot?

hi there dash you and tom are the only kids that talk to me anymore carlos when awol